Commodities / Index Trading

Commodities trading

Commodities trading is an ideal way to diversify your investment portfolio and is becoming increasingly popular due to the potential for high returns on investment. A commodity is defined as any product which has a commercial value and can be traded on an authorized commodity exchange. With recent gold and oil price increases, the profit potential for commodities has been growing significantly.

AAAECN offers gold (spot), silver (spot) and crude oil (WTI), Corn Wheat and Natural Gas(futures) commodities trading. Gold and silver are traded in exactly the same way as pure currency pairs with no physical purchase or sale of the material. Their main counter currency is the US Dollar.

AAAECN also offers Index Trading on:
- S&P500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq
- CAC40, DAX100, and FTSE100

Trading hours are 24 hours a day, five days a week, but liquidity varies strongly between the different time zones. Trading conditions are best from London open up, until New York close.

Why trade Commodities and Indexs with AAAECN


Trade fee free, commission free, also for spot metals trading no charges.

Spot and Futures

Trade metals and energies via futures contracts (crude oil) as well as spot (silver and gold).

Metals - Gold

Gold is considered a safe haven in times of economic, geopolitical and financial instability, and holds its value which is particularly valuable during inflation and USD devaluation.

Metals - Silver

Silver trading is a highly volatile tradable commodity offering interesting investment opportunities for traders.

Energy - Crude oil

WTI crude oil future contracts are the most popular oil contracts traded on the commodities market and due to the volatile nature of crude oil can offer huge potential for profit.


Within one click, you can buy or sell commodities 24 hours a day and benefit from unbeatable leverage of up to 50:1 leverage (as low as 2% margin). The use of leverage allows investors to enter and trade on the commodities market with very little capital.

Important: Your risk when trading commodities

Commodities trading with leverage can lead to high profits, but may also lead to substantial losses. When buying a commodity futures contract, your risk is in theory limited to the commodity’s price becoming zero which is unlikely. During sale, risk is unlimited since a commodity price has no actual limit. However through the use of offsetting positions during market movements and placing stop loss orders which AAAECN allows, you can limit the potential losses during commodities trading. See our complete General Risk Disclosure for more information.