MetaTrader 4 ECN Platform

AAAECN’s Clients that want an automated trading approach and additional investment strategies will benefit from our powerful MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. AAAECN’s MT4 Client Terminal is designed to provide our clients with cutting edge market analysis, which includes charts, indices and news updates. In addition our clients have more trading options such as custom indicators and strategies which can help overall profitability.

The MT4 Client Terminal has an ergonomic and simple user interface, allowing traders to find information quickly and respond to market conditions. MT4 is compatible with all Expert Advisor applications. These automated trading systems are designed to analyze the market and automatically make trades according to underlying investment strategies. Most Expert Advisors can be personalized to make trading decisions based on an individual’s risk threshold and specific investment goals.

MT4 is written in a programming language that can be modified by the user. This important feature is a major reason behind MT4’s continued success among currency traders. Individuals can actually alter key features in MT4 by changing system language. For example, if traders prefer an investment approach based on historical market behavior, they can simply input the necessary information directly onto the system.

Some of the many benefits of AAAECN’s MT4 Client Terminal include

  • Operating with different financial markets instruments (FOREX, Futures, CFD);
  • Unlimited charts quantity;
  • Supports of various timeframes;
  • Large number of Indicators, Experts and Scripts;
  • Friendly user interface with multilingual support;
  • Secure operating environment (128 bit encoding is used);
  • Real-time data transferring via DDE;
  • Receiving on-line news from financial markets;
  • Build-in programming language enables you to write/edit your own custom indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts.

Our MT4 Platform is different from that of most other companies in that we have also attached our ECN execution to the Platform. This means that if our clients like they can have the option of choosing the best price offered by more then 10 major liquidity providers. This allows AAAECN’s MT4 to stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the market.

We always recommend to clients to test drive our software, after all if you don’t, how will you know what your missing?

To give the AAAECN’s MT4 a test drive, please go ahead and sign up for a demo. Once you sign up we will send an email to the email address you have provided with the link to download our MT4 Platform.

Our Customer Support is standing by assist you, you can call us, chat with us or Skype us and we will be happy to help with installing the program. Additionally, should you have any questions after downloading please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you may have.

Download the MT4 Client Terminal and begin trading in minutes.