White label

AAAECN's White Label program allows financial institutions the ability to offer our powerful, rapid, and cost effective Forex online trading solution to their client base under their own brand.

Increase your share in an extraordinary growth market!

Reply to an increasing demand

Today, customers are demanding cutting-edge technology. Online trading has experienced outstanding growth in the past few years and market studies show that it is only the beginning of the trend.

Develop your market share and capture clients from your competitors

Adopting a AAAECN white label allows banks and brokers to completely automate their trading operations and create time and opportunity for client asset accumulation which leads directly to increased revenues. Online trading and the associated software lend themselves well to marketing campaigns and easily attract a large audience of traders and speculators.

Full control and transparency

Demo registrations

Following our business model, the white label partner will be able to get potential clients to register demo accounts. All the information provided by the customer during the demo registration will start a database of potential customers for online trading.

Automated real time monitoring tools for the back-office

AAAECN´s online platform is only the tip of the iceberg. Our Forex White Label product is meant for serious brokers and banks that look realistically at monitoring and controlling all trading operations. Our White Label offer includes separate monitoring platforms, back-office personnel and sales people, with varied functionalities ranging from real-time monitoring of account balances, open positions and risk margins to single/multiple order placement, new account creation, credit/debit of balances and all types of back-office operations.

Back-office account set-up flexibility

AAAECN´s Forex White Label product is extremely flexible and can be customized to your needs. Back-office personnel can use the white label´s monitoring software to create new accounts with different spreads, margins and account currencies providing banks and brokers with a service which can be commercialized in an efficient manner. Back-office operations can either be relayed to AAAECN or dealt with directly by the white label partner and subsequently confirmed by our back-office.

Customer confidentiality

End customers of partner banks and brokers remain anonymous to us.

Who should become a White Label?

  • Financial companies (banks, insurance companies, stock or futures brokerage firms etc.) that want to move their Forex trading operation online quickly and efficiently or establish a new Forex brokerage division.
  • Trading firms and/or online brokers that want to offer a greater range of products to their customers. Providing access to the Forex market is a great value-added service that can increase your profitability.
  • Companies that provide informational and analytical tools for the Forex or futures market, which are looking to expand their revenue by also providing online Forex trading capabilities to their client base.

Why White Label?

  • Low start-up cost.
  • Build a steady revenue stream
  • Diversify into the Forex trading business and take advantage of the growing demand for alternative investment vehicles.
  • Fast and easy market entrance implementation – offer online trading to your customers in a matter of weeks.
  • Protect your client database and maintain sole access to client information.
  • Customize your own fee structure and dealing spreads.
  • Receive all software enhancements and upgrades at no charge.
  • Establish an online presence in the Forex industry
  • Benefit from AAAECN customizable trading platform branded with your name and logo and available in multiple languages.

If you wish to contact AAAECN about a potential relationship you may contact our business development manager institutionalservices@AAAECN.com