Introducing Broker (IB)


AAAECN strives to provide the emerging retail Forex and CFD segment with the best product and service package we can offer. Our proprietary platform, AAAECN, incorporates years of trader feedback and innovation into its comprehensive features and ergonomic design. AAAECN™ is an advanced trading toolkit featuring a broad range of fundamental and technical analysis tools for both the beginner, experienced and algorithm trader. We also offer clients to trade on the MT4 platform.
Corporations and individuals who choose to become Introducing Brokers can receive compensation simply by referring clients to AAAECN. In doing so, Introducing Brokers will be providing their clients with the same powerful trading technology coupled with extensive back office support, handled solely by AAAECN.

Grow Your Business with AAAECN

Expand your business into the Forex and CFD arena by adding a value-added service for your existing client base and develop new client relationships. Take advantage of the increasing demand for alternative investments by diverging into Forex and CFDs — or transition your existing trading operations online with our advanced technology. AAAECN will handle the administrative end so you may concentrate exclusively on referring clients. Getting started is easy and our dedicated representatives are available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Sophisticated Retail Platform

As an Introducing Broker for AAAECN, your clients will have direct access to our proprietary trading platform, AAAECN and the popular MT4 platform. With an intuitive interface that includes an assortment of fundamental and technical tools including chart trading, over 100 technical indicators, risk management tools, and back testing, AAAECN provides an all-inclusive and powerful engine for all kinds of Forex traders. AAAECN’s chart-based trading and advanced drawing tools create an interactive canvas whereby traders can point and click to open or close positions, set stop and limit orders, and zoom in or out to view overall trends. Our intuitive and innovative trading platform is suitable for Forex novices as well as seasoned traders, enabling our IBs to target and solicit a broad client base of all experience levels.

Customer Service Oriented

AAAECN is dedicated to serving the needs of our Introducing Brokers and their clients. We will help you get started and provide the resources you need to get up and running in less then a week. Our Back Office department is available to handle daily operations issues and our Technical Support is at your disposal regarding trading and platform issues. To ensure compliance with regulations, our Compliance department will provide legal oversight while our IB Services team acts as your direct contact regarding making the most out of becoming an Introducing Broker.

What is the AAAECN Forex IB program?

AAAECN Forex’s IB program is an excellent way for individuals or corporations to enter the world’s largest financial market. The program allows Introducing Brokers to refer/introduce any party to AAAECN, enabling that party to trade currencies on our advanced trading platform, AAAECN. IBs are compensated by AAAECN based on total volume traded by their introduced clients. In addition, AAAECN will be responsible for all the expensive back office administrative supports and overheads involved in serving the introduced clients, leaving our IBs free to focus on building their client relationships.

AAAECN IB Program offers you a turn-key solution to enter the Forex business:

  • Competitive and flexible compensation packages
  • IB coordinator dedicated to assist IBs with marketing and operational issues
  • 24-hour customer, technical, and dealing support
  • Free tools and banners available for use on your website
  • Demo and Live Account sign up through your own website
  • Trade and manage your clients’ accounts through Power of Attorney
  • Build your sub-IB network
  • Online password protected IB business report so you can manage your Forex business at your own schedule
  • No start-up cost

Your Clients will receive:

1. State-of-the-art technology:

  • Dynamic charts, featuring chart-based trading
  • Over 100 technical indicators
  • Integrated chart trading technology
  • Multi-lingual platform
  • Mobile trading

2. Competitive Trading Terms:

  • $100 minimum initial deposit
  • Trade Micro, Mini and standard lots in one account
  • Competitive Variable spreads
  • Fast, fair and reliable order execution
  • As high as 200:1 leverage*

Well-rounded trading supports:

  • Educational and news resources including webinars, daily videos.
  • 24-hour customer support, technical support.
  • Insightful market analysis and commentaries
  • Informative online video tutorials
  • Multiple account funding methods
  • FREE demo accounts for learning the platform

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If you have any questions regarding our program, please send your inquiry by email

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Leverage may increase both gains and losses.