Career Opportunities Asset Managers

Money managers and registered CTAs may take advantage of AAAECN’s advanced Forex trading software; AAAECN offers our money managers intuitive institutional trading platforms, the AAAECN Multi Manager. Our institutional platform allows you to place trades for multiple clients with one click instead of a dozen. You can now bypass the tedious aspects of account management and focus on your trading strategy. AAAECN also offers an easy to use multi-account management interface, allowing you to monitor and trade on each account individually or all at once. We also offer comprehensive reporting tools for monitoring and analyzing your clients’ accounts.

AAAECN provides clients with a flexible allocation structure, allowing money managers to specify how trades are divided amongst their clients, either on an equity-based, notional-based or customized basis. AAAECN features Percent Allocation Management (PAM) functionality, whereby each individual trader is allocated a percentage of the total traded position in proportion to his or her account equity. The risk and reward are thereby equally shared amongst all the trader’s accounts.

In addition, larger money managers have the option of choosing our white labeling solution. Through our White Label partnership program, our proprietary platform AAAECN can be branded to reflect your unique company name and logo, helping you to establish a strong presence in the Forex community. When using AAAECN for managing client investments, placing trades and monitoring multiple accounts simultaneously can be done with ease.
Please note, the white labeling option is available only for qualified financial institutions.

If you wish to contact AAAECN about a potential relationship you may contact our business development manager